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About Rob

With over 12 years experience working in media, Rob has created sound design, mixes and recordings for a wide range of clients and projects.

From recording with Oscar winner Steve McQueen on his 'End Credits' art installation, to creating audio sound scapes with Jeremy Irons for Porto Legends - an audio visual experience deep in the Furnas da Alfândega do Porto, the old Porto Customs House.

Rob has provided sound design and mixes to multiple theatrical and broadcast projects, including the BBC's DNA+ documentary series, Gregory Porter's 'Don't Forget Your Lyrics' theatrical documentary and John Irving's 'Mandela's Gun' as well as multiple shorts including 'The Escape' by Paul Franklyn - VFX Supervisor for Dark Knight Rises and Inception.

His first and oldest love is short form media, including theatrical and broadcast advertising, radio and online spots, with close to 1000 projects to his name. Clients include Sony,

20th Century Fox/Disney, Paypal, Empire, and KTC.

Some recent credits include:

  • A Letter For The King - ADR Recordist

  • Bookshables - Robin Ince's Podcast Series

  • Crossing Swords - Upcoming Adult Swim series featuring Luke Evans

  • The Great American Baking Show

  • Three Mobile - Lewis Capaldi Instagram Promo

As a VO artist, Rob has lent his voice to various commercial and corporate campaigns, including work for Disney, Sony and Universal.

Please feel free to get in contact to discuss your project.


"I hired Rob to work on some spec ads in 2019; the experience was such a positive one that I then came back with corporate work I’d been commissioned for in Spring 2020. That too was brilliant (how often do you get a first draft of sound design and music passed by a client!), and so instantly he’s become my first choice for my next short! You couldn’t wish to work with someone more giving with their time, and so talented as to decipher, and make, your directorial waffle a reality."

Jake Sleet, Director, Hollowtree Pictures

"I use Rob not only because of the quality of his design and mixes, but because he can turn a project round in next to no time and always within budget.

Ross Jones, Director, Brand Farm Films

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